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“SA ATM” housing

“SA ATM” housing

“SA ATM” housing


SKU: 0810


  • Width: 870mm,
  • Height: 1660mm,
  • Weight: 275kg,
  • Depth: 855mm.

Free-standing ATM for handling bank payments, also perfect for casinos as well as cryptocurrencies. Patented safe locks with additional electromagnetic protection designed by Flomar2 and combined with a safe construction entirely designed in house, makes the ATM safe to use even in places with no surveillance. The integrated rack is mounted on guiderails and allows for easy operation and installation of the ATM.


The housing is designed for installation of:

  • NV9, NV10, ICT-83,Trilogy and other coin acceptors,
  • NRI G13 and RM5 Evolution coin validators (possibility of mounting a coin separator),
  • Cube MKII, Flow and Azkoyen coin hoppers,
  • bill dispenser — up to 7 different face-value bill,
  • bar code scanner,
  • ticket printer,
  • recorders for surveillance cameras,
  • UPS.

And many more!


All our housings have a certificate of industrial design registration at the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland

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