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„Slanttop GS” housing

„Slanttop GS” housing

„Slanttop GS” housing

SKU: 0520


  • Width: 755mm,
  • Height: 1620mm,
  • Weight: 110kg,
  • Depth: 840mm.

Our newest cabinet designed in the Slantop style. Two 27” LCD monitors highlight its prestige.

Firm construction is able to fit two hoppers, bank note validator, 2.1 speakers and other devices.

The player’s panel is adapted for the montage of the USB, ticket printer, bank note reader. Additional options include assembly of the buttons and touchpad. Transport wheels, handles and adjustable feet make the transport and placement of the cabinet easier than ever.

Flomar style lighting emphasize the outline of the cabinet and draw the attention of almost everyone.

The cabinet is designed for the installation of the following devices:

  • bank note validator Mei Cashflow, UBA 10, WBA 25, NV10 and others,
  • coin validator NRI G13, RM5 Evolution and others,
  • hopper Akoyen, Cube hopper MK2,
  • buttons Gamesmann, Suzo and others.

Further options include:

  • speakers 2.1,
  • buttondeck,
  • UPS,
  • transport wheels,
  • adjustable feet,
  • printers, card reader and other components can also be installed for the client’s suggestions.

All our housings have a certificate of industrial design registration at the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland

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