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“Terminal V3” housing

Obudowa „“Terminal V3” housing

“Terminal V3” housing


SKU: 0090


  • Width: 670mm,
  • Height: 1780mm,
  • Weight: 68kg,
  • Depth: 500mm.

Self-service terminal for sports betting as well as paying for passes or buying tickets. The sleek design makes it seem much more compact. It houses a hopper, a bill acceptor, a set of speakers and many other devices. It is possible to use screens with sizes from 19″ to 22″.

The housing is designed for installation of:

  • NV9, NV10, ICT-83,Trilogy, WBA25, UBA10, MEI CASHFLOW and other acceptors,
  • NRI G13 and RM5 Evolution coin validators (possibility of mounting a coin separator),
  • Cube MKII, Flow and Azkoyen coin hoppers,
  • any button configuration,
  • bar code scanner.

Optional additional equipment:

  • 2 głośniki
  • buttondeck,
  • UPS,
  • transport wheels,
  • adjustable feet.

All our housings have a certificate of industrial design registration at the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland

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