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Meet Flomar2

We specialize in full personalization of our products and services to meet the expectations, needs, requirements and budget capabilities of our customers. It both forms the pillar of our company and is our mission statement that we strive to achieve in our daily work. The Flomar2 machinery park and design office allow us to perform all stages of production on site, from cutting out the details to final assembly.

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Over 20 years of experience in the slot machine housing industry enables us to create extraordinary, professional products at low prices. This is reflected, among other things, in broad expansion into global markets.

We currently own 17 registered industrial designs and every few months we register a new design for a new type of housing. Apart from our own projects, we carry out dozens of individual orders for our customers.

Monthly production reaches 1,200 housings of various sizes, complexity and trim levels. In order to meet our customers’ requirements, we offer the possibility of installing the customer’s devices in our housings, as well as designing electrical wiring harnesses, which we can then make as well. In case of any doubt, we offer help and advice to our customers concerning the devices and technical solutions in new projects.

We also carry out custom orders, including rolling of closed profiles, T-beams, I-beams, angle irons and C-channels. We accept even the smallest orders — even for one small detail, as well as serial orders that take several months.

Flomar2 is not only about slot machine housings

We also manufacture:

  • housings for self-service terminals,
  • housings for betting terminals,
  • housings for ticket machines,
  • housings for self-checkout machines,
  • housings for interactive/information totems,
  • housings for indoor ATMs,
  • housings for rack/server cabinets,
  • housings for switchgear cabinet,
  • housings for electric vehicle chargers,
  • luggage cabinets,
  • welding tables,
  • racks for storing plexiglass sheets,
  • laboratory tables,
  • laboratory fume hoods,
  • control cabinets,
  • decorative elements out of plexiglass.

Plexiglass elements are cut with a state-of-the-art laser — we are able to cut pieces up to 60 mm in thickness! Straight edges can be polished or matted, as well as beveled, at a length of max 3000 mm and a thickness of max 120 mm.

The invaluable knowledge and experience of our technologists allows us to dispel our all of customers’ doubts and advise on choosing a different, optimal solution that will reduce production costs and speed up completion of the order.

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How do we work?

Before accepting any order, we prefer to have a meeting in our office or in the Customer's office to discuss the general assumptions of the project. After we have familiarized ourselves with the customer’s needs and requirements, we prepare an initial estimate — if this is a new products/projects. For standard products, we send the quote within a few hours.

Of course, it is also possible to make elements or housings, based on designs and documentation sent in by the Customer!

After accepting the terms and conditions of cooperation and the terms and conditions of placing orders, we proceed to carry out the project, based on the list of necessary modifications. We send the final project for approval and then, after receiving it, we start the production of either individual elements or a whole housing.

The entire production process takes place in house, which allows us to have full control over the progress of the order completion, the quality of the details and compliance with the technical documentation.

Each stage of production is subject to quality control, no matter whether it is laser cutting, welding or painting. The accuracy class as well as the quality of the final product is agreed with the Customer before accepting the order. Lowering the standard of workmanship often allows to reduce the final price.

We can prepare the finished product for shipment according to Customer’s requirements, we can organize the shipment of the goods to any place in the world, which we have been doing successfully for 5 years. Our trusted shipping companies, with whom we have been cooperating for several years now, allow us to offer competitive shipping prices, reliability of transport, as well as appropriate protection of goods during transport. As standard, we prefer to pack housings on Euro pallets after securing them with bubble wrap and stretch wrap. On Customers’ request, we can prepare cardboard packaging dedicated to a given type of housing.

Comprehensiveness of order completion, the possibility of modification of our existing products or making completely new designs puts our company among the European leaders in the industry of manufacturing metal housing for various types of devices.

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Comprehensive performance, the possibility of any modification of our existing products or the production of completely new products place our company at the forefront of European metal casing manufacturers for various types of equipment.

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