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Welding of studs and bushings

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Capacitor discharge welding machines are irreplaceable in the process of welding threaded pins as well as female thread sleeves!

Quick stud welding

The welding of both stainless and plain steel elements is a fast method of durable installation of fasteners to steel elements. This method is less precise than the installation of PEM components, but it can be used in places where there is no access with PEM press tools and, most importantly, there is no limit to the thickness of the component and its type.

Use of welded studs

M3 to M8 male threaded fasteners can be welded to metal sheets, profiles, pipes, beams and all other steel details. The stud-steel joint offers higher strength than the stud itself.

Fast state-of-the-art capacitor discharge welding machines allow us to weld up to 60 studs per minute!

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