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Steel bending


We bend components using CNC press brakes which guarantees high-precision bends. Our diversified machinery park allows us to minimize the cost of order completion!

State-of-the-art bending process

Our Machinery park consists of 5 press brakes each offering different parameters. Our press brakes are equipped with beds from 1 to 4 m long. The machines are numerically controlled in 4 axes and shorten the time of bending pieces and allow us to make non-standard shapes.

Bending custom shapes

We are one of the few companies that have the ability to make tools designed to make parts that cannot be bent using standard tools. Polyurethane dies allow us to bend metal sheets without leaving any trace as well as to make large radius bends, without any shortcomings and under-bent parts, which occurs when using standard, steel dies.

Use of press brakes

The maximum thickness of black steel that we can bend is 10 mm, but this parameter is closely related to the length of the bend and the inner radius of the bend. Using Cybelec software, we can simulate the bending process and automate the bumper setting depending on the width of a given piece.

Qualified staff, professional machinery park and many years of experience allow us to perform almost impossible bends.

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