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In our industry we usually gaze into the future. We look for new orders, enhance our offer and modernize our machinery park. However, it would be a sin not to boast a little about the fact that our company has quite a rich history, which dates back to 1978! It was the year that the Vehicle Bodywork and Paintwork Plant (orig. Zakład Blacharstwa i Lakiernictwa Pojazdowego) was founded. How is it possible that the company survived political system transformation, recessions, economic crises and so on? It’s quite simple — it’s because of the people who work there, they simply enjoy their work!

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About the company

We enjoy what we do!

Working in this industry gives us a lot of satisfaction. The joy of a well-made product that has been created as a result of our experience and diligence is truly great. Both sides benefit from this. Thanks to such an approach and good atmosphere in our company we are also very willing to carry out even the most unusual projects. Projects that would be rejected by other companies, because they would be too much fuss to make. We have a different opinion on the matter. Have you seen the steam train-shaped barbeque grill we made?

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Currently, the two most important pillars of our business activity are services and production of metal housings. What kind of services do we offer? Basically everything that can be made of metal and plastic. Cutting, bending, punching, welding, rolling. We offer all kinds of welding as well as powder coating. Our machinery park allows us to offer such a vast array of services. We take care of it, so that our equipment is always in perfect running order and always ready to perform any task.

We also offer housings for vending machines, ATMs and interactive kiosks. We offer ready-made designs, which take into account various requirements and types of devices. We also make original projects — just contact us!

Good atmosphere, good equipment and good people — it all adds up to the highest quality products which we want to offer to you!

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