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Powder coating


Our powder coating facility allows us to do professional paintwork using this technology which translates into the quality and aesthetics of the painted surface!

Grinding/polishing workshop

We are probably the only paint shop in Silesia that puts the greatest emphasis on preparing the surface before painting. Before painting, every detail is sent to our grinding/polishing workshop where any imperfections are removed. All cavities are levelled out by using a special putty. Then the parts are mechanically matted so that the paint can adhere to the surface better.


Before painting, the parts are washed in acid to remove oil and grease residues from previous production processes and apply a protective layer to the sheet.

Paint shop

We have 2 painting chambers and a paint curing oven. These are coupled by a system of trolleys on which the pieces are transported. The paint shop has been adapted to enable paining with different colors and types of powder paints in order to eliminate the inclusion of other types of paint on the currently coated elements.

Malowanie proszkowe

We have extensive experience in powder coating. Our products are sold abroad — Germany, England, Spain, the Netherlands, Romania, basically all over the world.

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